Strategic and Operational management

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Strategic and Operational management


If you want to be able to run your company efficiently, you need to know what is going on inside it. You want to be able to measure the impact of the various actions you have undertaken and their knock on effect on the financial situation of your company.

  • Our senior consultants will help you establish reporting tools to monitor the key financial performance indicators and a balanced scorecard for a wider view of the local business.

  • They will put together your desired financial and operating reports, and help you to monitor your financial transactions. 

  • We shall help you create your local business plan, set budgets and provide the analysis required whenever strategic decisions are called for.

  • We will help you implement your organisational and structural. When your business needs restructuring, we are with you to help smooth the transition.

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The In Extenso group have agencies all around France. It's a gathering of accounting firms which represents around 4 500 co-workers. Our experts' network follows everyday numerous clients on various missions : accounting, social management and pay, audit, legal, tax system, firm creation, acquisition and transmission.