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About us


In Extenso has specialised in the practical assistance to companies, whatever their size. We have moved from our core business, which was accountancy, to offer you a range of management services. With branches all over France, our focus is to help companies succeed by putting them in touch with local business reality and working in close partnership with their management.

In Extenso has been successfully delivering business support services to foreign companies since 1990. Building on that experience, we decided to specialise in this particular area and have created In Extenso International Services to provide full support to entrepreneurs setting-up in France at every stage of their business development.

Our objectives

  • To be close to your needs,
  • To offer you a single point of contact, supported by dedicated specialists,
  • To guide, develop and specialize with you.

    These founding concepts of In Extenso are still relevant today.


The In Extenso group have agencies all around France. It's a gathering of accounting firms which represents around 4 500 co-workers. Our experts' network follows everyday numerous clients on various missions : accounting, social management and pay, audit, legal, tax system, firm creation, acquisition and transmission.