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Information technology


Setting up a new operation is the opportunity to make the most of information technology. We can help you achieve an information enabled organisation from the start.

  • Our teams physically set up your system, from network installation and Internet links to the required configuration.

  • Depending on your needs and standards, we help you choose the most appropriate local software, implement it and even write customised applications if needed.

  • Our consultants are experienced in software, for the smaller business as, for example Sage, as well as larger ERP systems, such as SAP. Using their skills, we either train your personnel to use the chosen software efficiently or run the system for you if you prefer this option. All In Extenso consultants have experience as key users and have implemented and operated the software in which they are experts. This represents a guarantee of considerable time savings.

  • You have company standards, and in France there are legal and fiscal requirements which do not necessarily comply with your standards: we will help you set up the appropriate reporting means for consolidation purposes.



The In Extenso group have agencies all around France. It's a gathering of accounting firms which represents around 4 500 co-workers. Our experts' network follows everyday numerous clients on various missions : accounting, social management and pay, audit, legal, tax system, firm creation, acquisition and transmission.