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Accounting and Employee administration


Like every other country, you will find that France has its own procedures and legal requirements for company administration. This is In Extenso’s core business and we have been doing it successfully for over 20 years.


Focusing on international corporations, we have designed a full range of services aimed at both satisfying the French legal & fiscal obligations and your internal reporting requirements.

  • Every account is handled personally by one of our partners who will appoint an account manager, chosen amongst our senior chartered accountants. This person has full access to specialists in our organisation, as and when needed.

  • Our first job will be to set up your chart of accounts, then take care of your regular bookkeeping for you, produce your financial statements, fill out your tax return forms.

  • We can take care of all employee related administration and we will provide up to date advice on personnel administrative matters.

  • Since our teams are focused on international companies, we shall of course take care of the compliance between foreign and French accounting standards and ensure that financial consolidation is possible, where required.
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The In Extenso group have agencies all around France. It's a gathering of accounting firms which represents around 4 500 co-workers. Our experts' network follows everyday numerous clients on various missions : accounting, social management and pay, audit, legal, tax system, firm creation, acquisition and transmission.