Our organization

Adapted to your international needs

Our international teams can help you

  • Specialized in assisting foreign companies and investors
  • Comprehensive knowledge of international matters (finance, accounting, HR, tax & legal, etc.)
  • Effective communication: pragmatic approach to assess the needs and pedagogy to ensure successful delivery

In-depth knowledge of the needs of international companies

Always by your side

  • Single point of contact

    One manager responsible for all deliverables to the clients
    Coordinate all experts involved

  • In-depth approach

    Understand the client’s business and operations
    Go beyond the obvious: search for the best solutions to respond to client needs

  • Efficient communication

    Regular Q&A with client’s representatives in France and abroad
    Explain local regulations

  • Planning process

    Essential step of our delivery process
    Set on a yearly basis and adjusted monthly as needed

  • Technology-enabled

    Access to a suite of cloud-based applications by In Extenso: portal, bookkeeping, payroll, reporting, etc.
    Our team works on your own systems: ERP, accounting software, etc.

  • Client-oriented organization

    Based on the client’s specifics, including its size, organization and software or systems in place
    Full outsourcing of administrative functions
    Services delivered using the client’s system
    Working with shared services centers abroad

  • Business partners

    Provide a quick access to other professionals: law firm, bank, virtual office, real estate agency, consultants, etc.

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